AVB Logistics Operations Simplified.

The goal of AVB Logistics (AVB) is to provide an unmatched customer service experience for our clients, partners and industry counterparts. AVB’s professional, efficient and economical approach to logistical services is what drives us forward and what keeps our customers calling us to handle all of their logistics needs.

AVB’s services are vast, scalable and adaptable. Whether in the continental United States or abroad, AVB can work to meet your needs through our vast network of service providers, skilled labor force and industry partners.

At AVB Logistics, we recognize that each project, operation or jobsite will be different and require tailored services to meet budgeting and time requirements, the following is a general list of services that you can count on AVB to provide:

Project Management / Mission Planning
Debris Monitoring and Removal
Material Management Services

Aviation Support Fixed Wing / Helo Ops
Equipment Mobilization and Demobilization

Expeditionary Logistics – Operations Support
Industrial Lodging Solutions (Project Specific)
Vendor Services (Project Specific)

AVB will ensure all of your logistical needs for each project are met…from initial planning to job completion…with the utmost level of professionalism, efficiency and customer satisfaction. At AVB, we don’t reach our goals until you reach yours.

We have numerous career opportunities available nationwide and abroad. Contact us for more information.


The benefits of utilizing AVB Logistics for all of your logistical needs.

AVB Logistics provides skilled labor force and a network of industry partners.

We provide professional, efficient and economical approach to fit your needs.

Serving the Continental United States and Internationally

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have worked with AVB Logistics for over 6 years, starting with Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. These gentlemen were responsible for managing hundreds of shipments to Puerto Rico from multiple suppliers throughout North America. Together, we successfully moved hundreds of shipments of cargo via land, sea, and air.  We worked through holidays and weekends securing transport for all the necessary equipment and supplies desperately needed to restore the electrical grid throughout Puerto Rico.

The AVB team has a tremendous work ethic based on integrity, professionalism and a sense of urgency that is remarkable and so respected by all who have the privilege to work beside them.  I have the highest degree of respect for them and would recommend their company to anyone.

Chris Hood – International Landstar Agent